Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Considering Edges: Hard and Soft

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48X48 Considering Squares Firmscape VII
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Welcome back to the Artrainmaker blog by Debby Brisker Burk
Edges: Hard and Soft 

 What is the difference between a hard and a soft edge in a painting?

A hard edge stops the eye at the end of a shape. Whereas,
a soft edge blends into another shape or area of the painting. 

Picture a square shape of color next to a rectangle, as in the 2nd image above  Considering Squares Firmscapes VII.
A hard edge determines the end of a shape.
Conversely, a soft edge bleeds from one shape to another--a soft edge leads the eye from one area or place to another area across the picture plane. Looking at Abstract Considerations II, most edges are soft and blend across the image.
Variety is one way that artists choose to employ both hard and soft edges in a painting. Simply put, using both hard and soft edges to lead the view from one part of the painting to another across the surface of the picture plane is often a useful way to express the artist's intent. See Firmscapes I, Surf's up: both hard and soft edges coexist on the picture plane to break up the space and to create interest around the painting.

I hope the above is helpful to art students and artists, too! I appreciate your taking the time to  read.
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