Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Shape of Design

Abstract Considerations 17 Spectrum framed work on paper Debby Brisker Burk
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The painting above, Abstract Considerations 17 Spectrum began as a figurative painting and evolved to an abstract piece with the use of varying shapes, textures, directional lines and color! 
Here are some thoughts on Shape:
               "The Shape(s) of Design"

  • Shape is one of the principles of design.

  • Shapes!! What an array of choices for the artist and viewer to consider: squares, rectangles, circles, traiangles, amorphous, biomorphic, geometric, the possibilities are limitless.

  • How artists combine shapes and open or close shapes create the composition on  the picture plane. The building block of design and composition : shapes start the story in a painting or a  drawing. Shapes influence style whether symmetrical or asymetrical, loose or tight. Shapes determine relationships in space.

   So, where to start? Begin simply and add variety to create interest, harmony or discord-- all depends on what the artist is seeking to say in his or her art.

As an artist, collector or as a viewer, the shapes on the canvas or paper will speak to you, if you listen and open your eyes to what you are seeing!
  words to consider in shape making: relationship, spacing, proportion, combination, content, configuration; instagram: debbybriskerburk
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